Matt Bakosin vastine Adya Clarity syytöksiin

Sain viestin Fitnessfirstin Lasselta koskien Adya Claritya. Fitnessfirst oli lähettänyt kyselyn Adya Claritya myyvään tahoon (eli Adya Inc. yhtiöön) liittyen Natural Newsissa ilmenneisiin seikkoihin. Asiaa siis todellakin selvitellään ja alla on Matt Bakoksen vastaus Mike Adamsin antamiin syytöksiin. Minusta on vähintäänkin reilua kuunnella molempia osapuolia eli toisin sanottuna antaa Adya Inc. yhtiön puolustautua. Vastaus on piiitkä, mutta mielenkiintoinen.

Tässä viesti Matthew Bakokselta:

#1) I am concerned that Adya Clarity is mined just a few dozen miles from
the Fukushima nuclear power complex that recently suffered a meltdown and
spewed radiation into the atmosphere. I would hope that the supplier of Adya
would publicly post a verifiable radiation test report to dismiss any such
concerns about possible radiation contamination.

Attached is the Official Report of Nuclide Radioactive Element Measurement
Results from Shimanishi Kaken. The date of sampling was August 4, 2011.
This shows radioactive elements Iodine and Cesium were NOT DETECTED.

Here is the information from Shimanishi Kaken:
1: Geographical Description of our Factory
Our factory situated about 45Km west of the power plant. Between the power
plant and our factory there are many Mountains 3000 -3500 feet hight. The
mountain ranges running from north to south and made the natural defensive
The wind normally blows from south to north. And the area of our factory
does not affected by the radiation from power plant.
Radiation level of this area is almost natural radiation levels before the
Earthquake on march 11.2011 (Current level is 0.07~0.08 micro sievelt)

2:Current our products ,which we are shipping to you, was produced before
the Earthquake and stocked in the safe tank in the warehouse.

3: We have asked to check the radioactive contamination of Themarox newly
produced after the Earthquake /melt down of power plant together with before one to
the authorized institute by the prefecture government.
and the test result was OK.

#2) I am concerned that the founder of Adya, Inc. describes Adya Clarity as
a “food” when it is clearly not a food but rather derived from a collection
of mined minerals combined with sulfuric acid.

Our product is not classified as water. It is an inorganic mineral salt.
What would you consider Celtic sea salt? A food, water? It can also be
considered a dietary mineral.

I find it funny that Mike Adams was selling Adya Clarity on his website
under “Supplements” with all of these concerns. Hmm..did he not see the iron
and aluminum on the label before he started selling it on his website??? Did
he not get the content fact sheet when he asked for it?? He claims that we
are hiding and misleading people. Is this because he is trying to save his
face because someone sent him an email or he conspired to take sides

I find it rather odd that within just a few short days, there are several
individuals -who all seem to know each other- creating this baseless smear
campaign against our product. One person which we refused to do business
with over a year ago after he broke many agreements.

#3) I am concerned that the concentration of aluminum in Adya Clarity
appears to have been hidden from customers on the label by listing it in
“trace minerals” when in fact it is the second most common element in the
product, just after iron.

Every element in our product is in trace quantities (if that is how you’re
defining trace 1 mg/L) when consumed at 1 mg per liter, except for the iron
(which is only at 1.2 mg). The aluminum is at 1 mg per liter when diluted
properly, therefore, it is considered trace according to this definition.

The other definition could be that the body uses very little of these
minerals. (There are no specific definitions for these amounts.) As I state
further in answer #9 the WHO, along with the world scientific community,
have come up with trace minerals = 100 mg OR LESS per day. Do these people
even know that or research that before they make their own personal opinion? This gives 2 separate
definitions of the term trace elements.

#4) I am concerned that the Adya Clarity manufacturer has such poor quality
control measures in place that they admittedly shipped out a very large
number of mislabeled Adya Clarity products — and then did not feel any
obligation to alert customers to this mislabeling.

First of all this is VERY deceiving. There was “very large number” of
mislabeled products shipped out. Here is what happened:
Towards the end of last year (2010) our computer systems (as well as others
close to us in business) were hacked which resulted in a small circulation
of misprinted labels. The product itself was never contaminated and posed no
immediate risk because of a misprint on a label. The amount of product that
was sent out with these labels was very small. We informed our distributors
and sent out the proper labels to those that had questions. The problem was
resolved almost a year ago and I see this just as a way to nit-pick on a
company that was going through outside tampering of our systems. Why would
something that happened LAST YEAR and was very insignificant be such a
concern to Mike Adams now?

#5) I am concerned that Adya Clarity is being marketed for internal
consumption when there is no clinical evidence or even published scientific
papers that have been made available to NaturalNews which supports the
safety of the Adya Clarity product for internal consumption.

Mike Adams is claiming that Adya Inc. did not send him an official MSDS. It
is odd how we import this product with this same MSDS, harmonized through
the FDA in the U.S, the same MSDS that we achieved our Canadian NPN (Natural
Product Number) with and the same MSDS that contains UN numbers and other
regulatory classification numbers. Here is what it says on our official MSDS
(which Mike Adams was given) about the classification of dangerousness or

Classification of dangerousness and harmfulness
Classification; Acid concentrated minerals solution
Dangerousness; Not caustic to human skin ,because free sulfuric radical
content is low(5%).
Harmfulness; Not harmful , because “Themarox” does not contain any harmful
heavy metal
elements.(refer to the Analysis Data–page3.)
Environmental influence; “Themarox” does not affect any natural ecosystems
,because it is water purifying agent consists of natural minerals, necessary for the human
beings, higher animals and plants to maintain their lives. Non-dangerousness, harmlessness and
environmental safety of ”Themarox” can be certified through such a fish toxicity test as any kind of
fresh water fish can live longer in diluted “Themarox”.

We have also partnered with several people in other countries to bottle Adya
Clarity. All of this bottling must be done by regulatory standards of the
WHO, FDA, and GMP compliances specific to each country.
We have also submitted with the NSF for Adya Inc.’s GMP certification to
bottle products. We have also contracted out our bottling to a GMP certified
bottler. We are doing everything necessary to insure Federal and
International Regulations for safety and human consumption.

Our NPN (Natural Product Number) for Canada is 80024735. Along with this
number comes claims that you are obligated to make on your labels. The two
main health claims we are allowed to make from the Canadian NHP (Natural
Health Products) are:
-A factor in the maintenance of good health
-Helps to form red blood cells and assists in their proper function

NHP numbers are achieved based on clinical trial evidence and research. The
ingredients in Themarox are in the databases in clinical trials and
therefore was found to be approved as a Natural Health Product.

This is based off the MSDS that both Ian Clark AND Mike Adams have in
hand!!! Now, how could I register this product through Canada Health as a
natural product using this same MSDS I provided to them and can be
considered a scammer and a liar?

What my question is. Why would Mike Adams BOLD FACED LIE to all of this
readers?? This product has been around for 40 years. Mike Adams read ONE
email about the product from an unethical and unreliable source that was
merely a disgruntled business person who was booted out of Adya Inc. a year

#6) I am concerned that the high level of iron in Adya Clarity may result in
acute iron toxicity in some individuals who take “super shots” of Adya,
especially if they are genetically predisposed to iron toxicity.

Mike Adam’s concerns here are fine but he must understand the quantities of
iron that are in our product. In 1 tsp. of Adya Clarity there is roughly 6
mg. of iron in ionic sulfate form.

Here you can see the RDI for iron is 18 mg. If you were to drink 32 oz. or
close to 1 L you would be getting roughly 1.5 mg of your RDI for iron. If
you were drinking 1/2 gallon of water treated with Adya Clarity you would be
getting roughly 3 mg of you RDI for iron. And so on and so forth.
Even if one were to take 1 tsp. of Adya Clarity in a few ounces of water and
then a gallon of water treated with Adya Clarity you still be under your
daily averages. Super Shots are an OFF-LABEL use. I could see if our
minerals were causing you to spike way above your daily averages or your RDI
but they are not.

So why is there a sudden alarm??
If someone has ever contacted us directly concerning this we have always
told them to consult with their doctor/health care practitioner, especially
if they have pre-existing health conditions.

#7) I am concerned that Adya Clarity is imported as “battery acid” but sold
as a health supplement for internal use.

This accusation can easily be misunderstood if you are not educated in a
little bit of chemistry and understand codes for importation and exportation
on things like sulfuric acid.

I will explain exactly what I mean by this. Not as an opinion but as
chemistry fact and let us please look at the facts and the true chemistry
that is being presented. Here is a link showing you the definition of
sulfate minerals.

It explains that they are found and produced in thermal veins proving that
what I pointed out in all of my videos and all of the information I’ve given
is the source for these types of minerals. Volcanic aquifers.

Just to make a point about the minerals we use and the form they’re in
before I explain the chemical classification, it is important to understand
that the minerals found in fresh raw foods that are bioavailable are in
sulfate form bonded with hydrogen, exactly like our minerals.
In fact, that is the science behind this product in the first place. That
is why the MSDS clearly states these minerals are in a natural state, NOT
harmful, nontoxic, and ESSENTIAL to living organisms. You can read many
books about this chemistry. It is not a certain way that people think it is
the chemistry in nature.

Now let’s discuss the chemical classification of our product. It has 5%
sulfates. It’s acid level is stronger in Themarox form which would be
comparable to 5% sulfuric acid. This doesn’t mean that our product is
sulfuric acid or even battery acid for that matter!!! In fact, battery acid
is 29-32% sulfuric acid!! Which is 6 times more than what is in Themarox. (scroll down to see the

If you notice to the right of these classifications it says inorganic
chemicals. In chemistry, every mineral is considered a chemical. Therefore,
this is the proper classification for the FDA to harmonize this product
which they do for consumption before it clears customs.

The writer of this official statement failed to mention that HE HIMSELF
imported it into Canada with the MSDS knowing full well of all of these
facts. It is easy to make a false accusation and get people to believe
deception when you leave out A LOT of facts. In fact, sulfate minerals are
used in organic farming in the U.S. Ultimately, this product can be put on
every organic farm due to its classification. ESSENTIAL FOR ALL LIVING

#8) I am concerned that the level of aluminum in Adya Clarity may present a
health hazard when consumed on a regular basis, as aluminum is well known to
potentially accumulate in the human body and contribute to a variety of
neurological disorders. We do not yet conclusively know this to be a fact,
but neither do we know it to be safe, and that’s the point. We should follow
the “precautionary principle” when considering the internal consumption of
non-food items containing concentrations of aluminum or other metals known
to exhibit potentially harmful effects.

This is a fear based tactic based on information I just disclosed about our
product. 1 tsp. of Adya Clarity = 5 mg of aluminum. The estimated average
daily consumption of aluminum for humans, according to the FDA and WHO, is
10-15mg. The interesting fact we found out about aluminum consumption is
that meat products contain a significantly lower amount of aluminum than
fresh fruits and vegetables! For instance, a liter of pineapple has 99.88 mg
of aluminum per liter. If you ate a cup of pineapples, you’d be eating
roughly 25 mg. of aluminum. As I mentioned, 1 tsp. of Adya Clarity has 5 mg.
of aluminum. Keep in mind, aluminum sulfate is used in organic farming. The
big difference between aluminum sulfate that is used in organic/farming is
that ours is in its natural complex (meaning many different types) salt form
which is actually more defined as a whole food/natural product. It is a
known fact that aluminum is never found alone in nature. Just like Themarox.

What do you think would be coming from the veins of the aquifers in earth?
I want to present you with research regarding aluminum and other minerals
in food. I want to specifically reference the aluminum and the state that
minerals need to be in to be bioavailable in plants. This is the same
information that Shimanishi Asao knew 40 years ago in chemistry and is the
reason why this product is here today.

This is as natural as it gets so why aren’t they reporting this in the
“natural” news?

Here is a book that goes into the mineral science in nature. It was written
by Elmer G. Heinrich who is person who brought the idea of “plant derived”
minerals to the world. He does not promote our product but he has been in
this industry studying this specific thing for at least 32 years which is
the amount of time he has been in business.

I urge you to read Chapter 8, titled “THE TOXIC MINERALS BELIEF” It’s all
about the aluminum myth.
Some key points to review from this chapter:

- “All aluminum found in food is pre-assimilated by the plant, and it is
naturally tied to the plant in the form of sulfate.”

- “Naturally occurring aluminum sulfate minerals are called alums.”

- Alum sulfate increases stomach acidity and improves digestion and the
absorption of nutrients, stimulates gastric and pancreatic secretion and has
a mild diuretic effect.”

- “Aluminum is one of the most abundant minerals on earth, second only to
silica. It is in virtually everything we touch!”

#9) I am concerned that when asked why he did not list the concentration of
aluminum on the Adya Clarity label, the founder of the company told me,
essentially, “Because I didn’t want to.” To me, this indicates a callous
disregard for full disclosure to customers and a reckless abandonment of
fundamental ethical principles that should always be present when marketing
nutritional supplements labeled for internal use.

Mike Adams is keeping the whole answer out of this. Based on my experience
being in the conversation he is presenting half-truth here. What he wouldn’t
let me explain or identify are simple facts that are pointed out in this

I only listed the elements that people have asked about when looking at the
label. These are also the elements that are considered MAJOR elements.
According to the trace definitions of the WHO, trace is something that is
less than 100 mg per day. As I stated, there are 5 mg of aluminum sulfate,
in complex salt form, in 1 tsp. of Adya Clarity. This falls well under the
limits of what is defined at trace minerals for consumption.

“Although some are very rare, there are more than 100 mineral elements found
on earth. Four of these, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon and nitrogen make up 96%
of our body. The remaining 4% of our body is basically made up in part of 70
or more minerals, most of which are no longer readily available in our

The world governments and scientific communities have grouped minerals into
two categories. Those that are considered to be required in our diets in
amounts greater than 100 milligrams per day are called major minerals. Those
that are considered to be required in our diets in amounts of less than 100
milligrams per day are called trace minerals. Both major and trace minerals
are in the same class. The only difference is the name and the recommended
daily amount (RDA) required according to the World Health Organization.
There are only seven major minerals. They are calcium, magnesium, potassium,
phosphorus, sulfur, sodium and chlorine. Our bodies should contain
significant amounts of each! Trace minerals, on the other hand, are present
in the body in very small amounts. It is thought that each makes up less
than one hundredth of one percent of our body weight”.

#10) I am concerned that the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) I received
from Adya Clarity appears to be nothing more than a non-official Word
document and does not resemble the traditional MSDS documents typically
accompanying hazardous substances. as a Word document, it could have easily
been modified or edited to eliminate information that the importer did not
want other people to see, in much the same way that the label was designed
to avoid listing the concentration of aluminum.

See answer #5. Again, the official MSDS is attached. And again, our MSDS
is harmonized through the FDA in the U.S, the same MSDS that we achieved our
Canadian NPN (Natural Product Number) with and the same MSDS that contains
UN numbers and other regulatory classification numbers. See below:

Statistical product number ( HS No.);3824,90-0004 (Chemical industrial
Standard international trade classification (SITC);523-19(Inorganic
The United Nations classification; Item No.66, UN No.2796,(Products
containing low density sulfuric acid)
Remember, this is Themarox, the raw material. It not the finished product
Adya Clarity which is 10% Themarox 90% purified water.
It is then again diluted down by the user by up to 1,000 times.

#11) I am concerned that both children and expectant mothers may be
especially at risk due to high consumption of both iron and aluminum, and
yet there are no warnings or cautions that accompany the Adya Clarity
product which would reasonably inform a pregnant women (or a mother of a
child) to exercise caution in the use of this product.

I understand this concern here but if he was educated about iron and
pregnant women he would know it is recommended for pregnant women to take 27
mg of iron daily. There is no daily recommended dose of aluminum but if you
are going by the average consumption (10-15mg per day) we are STILL WAY
BELOW those levels. So where is the concern?

Iron and pregnancy
Pregnancy increases the need for iron in the diet. The developing fetus
draws iron from the mother to last it through the first five or six months
after birth so a woman has an increased need for iron during pregnancy.
Iron losses are reduced during pregnancy because the woman is no longer
menstruating and so loses less iron from menstrual blood loss. It is useful
to include foods that are good sources of iron in the diet every day (for
example, red meat) and to have foods that are good sources of vitamin C
(like oranges) to help absorb the iron.

The recommended daily intake (RDI) of iron during pregnancy is 27mg a day
(9mg a day more than that for non-pregnant women). The amount needed depends
on the amount of iron the woman has ‘stored’ in her body prior to pregnancy.

If your iron stores are very low, you may need to get more from supplements.

It is important to discuss your need for supplements with your doctor as
iron can be toxic (poisonous) in large amounts.

#12) I am concerned that the unsubstantiated health claims being used to
market Adya Clarity cast a shadow of doubt over the entire natural products
industry which, in most cases, sells very safe, effective and
well-documented products for consumption.

There are many health claims that people make when taking minerals in
general, especially if they are effective and bioavailable. There are years
of scientific and medical research and clinical trials regarding sulfate
minerals. So the question isn’t, “Are these minerals safe?” when it’s
already proven that they are essential to all life in this form. The
question should be, ” How much should I take and where should they come
from?” It is also important to note that many Nobel Peace Prize winners and
natural health practitioners/doctors understand that mineral deficiencies
play a major role in the direct link to illness and disease.

Adya Inc. does not make personal health claims. The health claims we were
given were through our Canadian NPN which I will state again:
-A factor in the maintenance of good health
-Helps to form red blood cells and assists in their proper function

NHP numbers are achieved based on clinical trial evidence. The ingredients
in Themarox are in the databases in clinical trials as I stated and
therefore was found to be approved as a Natural Health Product.
We do not have control over testimonials people receive and give from
taking Adya Clarity.

#13) I am concerned that in a time when most of us are trying to remove
heavy metals, aluminum and other contaminants from our water (fluoride, BPA,
etc.), Adya Clarity is being sold with the message that we need to add
something to our water — something that contains aluminum. This is
especially concerning given that aluminum is one of the adjuvants used in
vaccines, which is one of the reasons informed consumers seek to avoid
vaccine injections.

As we discussed and pointed out about aluminum, when you take 1 tsp. Adya
Clarity diluted down in water, juice, drinking liquids you are in nowhere
near “excessive” amounts of aluminum. I had a conversation with Mike Adams
on the phone and he was reviewing our MSDS, which he yelled that the MSDS
was a liar. He said that aluminum is a heavy, toxic metal. Now, I don’t
claim to be the most intelligent chemistry researcher on the planet but
anyone that knows the periodic table knows that aluminum is NOT a heavy
metal. In fact, our test reports from the University of Wisconsin and the
Mexico City Raw Sewage (which both have been available to the public online)
clearly indicate a LARGE REDUCTION in heavy metals such as lead and mercury
when Themarox was added to water. So his claims of being concerned with
heavy metals and “aluminum” are NOT based on education, facts, and
understanding of nature. As well as the natural phenomenon that these
minerals possess at removing heavy metals (as well as other harmful
materials) from water, nor based on actual daily intake of minerals which
should be the first thing one should want to know.
Also we have conclusive test reports back from the EPA lab that we will
release more than likely around the first of year.

1. Themarox with filtration removes/reduces alpha particles.
2. Themarox with filtration removes/reduces VOC’s.

#14) I am concerned that those who are marketing Adya Clarity did not
exercise fundamental due diligence in determining the evidence-based safety
of this product before marketing it for internal use.

Really?! What did Canada Health do to give us our NPN? We’ve given the
information here. If you speak to anybody that speaks directly with our
company they will tell you that this is the type of information that I base
my work on. FACTS, not opinions.

Mike Adams just doesn’t seem to know enough about sulfate minerals from
nature and daily mineral intake to really have any valid input on the
subject. If he did he wouldn’t’ be saying these things. He is not basing
“his accusation” on research and our phone call. He is simply basing it on a
planned smear campaign. In fact, I was told Mike Adams was going to do this
before he even called me. I was also told by another person who is respected
in the natural health community that this is indeed a smear campaign. Don’t
be surprised if you receive emails of people sympathizing with your losses
of Adya and then turning around and trying to market you an amazing new
product. It has already happened this morning.

#15) I am concerned that the Adya Clarity label contains no warnings about
iron consumption and no warnings for cumulative aluminum consumption.

Already answered.

We are not reinventing the wheel and presenting a “new” product. This
product itself has been around for 40 years and in nature it has been being
produced every day since the beginning of life on this planet. Remember,
sulfate minerals are essential to all of life. Of course anything that is
taken in excess can be harmful. Based on all of the information we have
given if you drink water that has been purified with 1 tsp. Adya Clarity you
can drink a whole gallon as still be less than 50% of your daily averages.
Of course if a child drank our water they are not going to drink a whole
gallon of water. Most adults are lucky if they drink a half of a gallon of
water per day. The bottom line is we have done our math. We have properly
resourced our understanding and confirmed Shimanishi Asao was correct in
helping to restore the earths water and minerals ( A great problem not one
person should deny) with a natural way that exists in nature. The only
problem is this process in nature has been greatly disrupted as most of us
may know.

There are people right now working on bringing this product to places like
Haiti, San Blas, as well as others very concerned for the safety of water in
other countries where people are dying because of it. Here is a trailer to
a documentary on this water crisis. I was there when it was shot and you can
see me half way through right after it says “every last drop counts “. I was mixing Themarox in the
water they collect and drink which is exactly the water you see in the
beginning. That is right, they drink this water. I have a sample 5 years
old of that water and it was treated right after I was given it back then.
It is still crystal clear and everything is rendered at the bottom. I keep
it at my desk as an everyday reminder. I was told when I first got to the
San Blas Islands that their water would kill you in just a day or two if you
drank it and did not receive immediate medical attention. I treated their
water with themarox and shook it up. I did this in plastic pop bottle the
tribe had given me. The whole Congresso of this tribal court was literally
in session. I drank the water right after I treated it, in front of this
tribe (The two elder chiefs, Women, children, and all). I am sure to them it
was very amusing because after I took a big chug from their water the whole
tribe took a deep breath. Like I stunned them. I believe it was concerning
and brave in their eyes. They had seen what their water does to visitors.
The water did not cause any ill effect to me and the other people with me
from America told me I was crazy. In fact I didn’t even get an upset stomach
or loose bowel movements. To me this was one of the greatest gifts and
miracles that had witnessed and experienced myself.

It ills me to think that people ignorantly make comments like “you can get
this at any pool store” or “The Aluminum!” and they do not look at all of
the facts and science behind these types of minerals. Especially when they
are supposed to be educators of these types of subjects. The important
thing is because people point out something and say it is wrong or a concern
does not make it so unless they support it with conclusive evidence. The
true essence of these minerals should not be forgotten or over looked. We
should address the issues but with sound science and not blatancy without
facts. I am not here to argue. I am here to provide knowledge that is
already freely available and a natural product that has and AMAZING ability
to detoxify water.

Matthew Bakos

Adya Inc.
Päättelepä sitten tästä. Alumiinista sen verran että en näkisi sitä pelkkänä pahiksena, mikäli se esiintyy sen luonnollisessa muodossaan muiden hivenaineiden joukossa. Onhan sitä mm. puhdistavissa savituotteissakin. Itse olen edelleen jatkanut Adya Clarityn käyttöä, mutta kieltämättä tämä sotku on aiheuttanut epäilyksen varjon. Kyseessä näyttäisi olevan arvovaltojen taisto, eikä tämä varmasti pääty kauniisti. Nyt harmittaa ettei tullut luettua enempää kemiaa...

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  1. Mites, en huomannut vastasiko Bakos Adamsin syytteeseen edullisista materiaaleista, mutta kovin hintavasta lopputuotteesta?

  2. Hei,

    Luin artikkelin kokonaisuudessaan ja tutkin etenkin kemiaan liittyviä väittämiä. Matt Bakosin tuntemus rikkiyhdisteiden kemiasta vakuutti minut verrattuna Mike Adamsin parjauskirjeeseen, jossa tosiaan väitettiin mm. alumiinin olevan raskasmetalli. Kiinnitin huomiota siihen jo ennen tämän vastineen tuloa julkisuuteen, kuvitellen kuitenkin että lopputulos pyhittää pilkkuvirheet, jos tärkeintä on jonkin vasta saadun tiedon nojalla vaaralliseksi osoittautuneen tuotteen käytön lopettaminen.

    Mutta - jollei Matt Bakosin vastineessa esitettyjä väitteitä mm. tuotteen 40v käyttöhistoriasta ja lukuisista sertifioinneista pystytä kumoamaan, tämä asettaa Mike Adamsin purkauksen kyseenalaiseen valoon. Mitään uutta tietoahan ei tämän mukaan ole saatu, eikä ole mitään tulenpalavaa kiirettä mustamaalata tuotetta!

    Adamsin kritiikki tuotteen tullikoodista osoittaa ainakin sen, että hän ei tiedä asiasta (tariffointi) paljonkaan tai sitten haluaa tarkoituksellisesti revitellä. Minunkin maahantuomani sijoitusjalometallituotteet on joissain tapauksissa kulkeneet otsikolla "scrap metal". Itse keksisin hienomman termin mutta näissä asioissa pitää noudattaa sitä miten asia kv. sopimusten mukaan on. On siis aika naurettavaa lietsoa populistista pelkoa tullikoodin "akkuhappoa" perusteella jos tuote kerran on siihen tariffoitu viranomaisen toimesta. Mitä omaperäisempi tuote, sen epätodennäköisempää on, että se sopisi nätisti johonkin olemassaolevaan tullinimikkeeseen.

    Odotan mielenkiinnolla jatkoa asiassa, tämän vastineen perusteella faktat näyttävät tukevan yrittäjää.

    Olen itse kokeillut Adya Clarityä huomaamatta mitään vaikutuksia, mikä on kohdallani laita useimpien vastaavien tuotteiden.

    Risto Pietilä
    Kemian suomenmestari 1999

  3. Viher-Tuomo: Bakos oli todennäköisesti kirjoittanut yllä olevan vastineen jo ennen kuin Adams kritisoi hintoja. En tiedä onko hän vastannut tähän kysymykseen myöhemmin. Se varmaan nähdään jossain vaiheessa.

    Risto: Raskasta tappelua tämä koko touhu. Kaiken kuulemani perusteella en itsekään usko Adamsin olevan täysin puhdas pulmunen. Jotain henkilökohtaista tässä täytyy olla, sen verran hurja hyökkäys oli. Mikä sitten on koko totuus, jää varmaan epätietoisuuteen tämän kaiken syyttelyn alla, ainakin vähäksi aikaa. Totta tietysti se, että tuotteen etiketöinti on ollut harhaanjohtavaa. Minuakaan ei toi "akkuhappo" tullinimike ole pahemmin häirinnyt, vaikken tullikäytännöistä sen enempää tiedäkään. Tuntuu ihan loogiselta että paperisodan kanssa kiristellään mahdollisimman vähän.